May 2009
05/31/09 The Dark Spire Review
This game wants you to fail.
05/30/09 Soundtracks Update: Kingdom Hearts Piano, 7th Dragon OST, More
10 soundtracks to indulge in before, during, and after E3.
05/29/09 XSEED Localizing Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
Working Designs still dead.
05/29/09 Knights in the Nightmare: Game and Soundtrack Review
That is... domestic version of game, import version of soundtrack.
05/28/09 Koei Veteran to Take Charge of AQ Interactive
Kiyoshi Komatsu re-surfaces at Cavia's parent company.
05/27/09 Villains Missing in Action
May's editorial leaves us asking: where did all the awesome baddies go?
05/27/09 Tetsuya Nomura Talks FFXIII, Kingdom Hearts
Promises new FFXIII trailer for E3.
05/27/09 Zubo Review
For all those who want to play as Bruce Lee and RoboCop in the same game.
05/27/09 Koei to Bring New Zill O'll to PS3
Team Omega working on new Zill O'll action RPG.
05/26/09 Index Increases its Stake in Atlus
Parent company believes in Atlus' future success.
05/26/09 Crimson Gem Saga Review
Astoni ...er, Garnet ... I mean, Crimson Gem Saga comes to America! And Neal's got the judgment.
05/25/09 Rune Factory Frontier Review
A surprisingly favorable judgment from our own Kim Wallace.
05/25/09 Dragon Quest Soundtrack Reprints Planned
Also, Dragon Quest IX OST announced.
05/24/09 Zenonia Now Available in the App Store
A somewhat unexpected Sunday afternoon release.
05/24/09 Fallout 3 DLC Reviews
Mini reviews of all three Fallout 3 DLC packs released thus far.
05/23/09 Soundtrack Reviews For Phantasy Star 0, Super Robot Taisen Z, More
And by "more," we mean more True Love Story, and some theme song singles.
05/21/09 GungHo Finally Details Grandia Online
Online iteration of popular franchise to ship this summer.
05/21/09 Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Hands-On Preview
Sam asks: Can you survive until June?
05/20/09 Level 5 Details Ni no Kuni
More info on joint project with Studio Ghibli inside.
05/20/09 New Tales of VS Info Available
Round One: Fight.
05/20/09 New Tales of Vesperia PS3 Details
PS3 release to receive some more updates.
05/20/09 Atlus USA Bringing Demon's Souls Stateside
Atlus USA's first PS3 release.
05/19/09 More Hands-On With Atlus: Knights in the Nightmare
Dept Heaven, Episode IV. Are you ready for some genre-bending action?
05/19/09 Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star Gallery Debut
Another remake of The Silver Star... to a point.
05/19/09 Zenonia Developer Walkthrough & Wallpaper
Possibly the strangest wallpaper we've posted to RPGFan yet.
05/19/09 Nostalgia Gallery Debut
Go go Steampunk DS RPG!
05/19/09 Bethesda Announces Fallout 3 DLC for PS3
And two new DLCs for all platforms!
05/18/09 Sega Releases New Resonance of Fate Trailer
A minute-long teaser for tri-Ace & Sega's upcoming title.
05/17/09 Ys: The Call of Solum Gallery
This would be the online Ys, if you're not keeping track.
05/17/09 Soundtracks Update: Cross of Venus, EVE Online, Deus Ex
...And a string quartet playing Final Fantasy music...
05/17/09 Crimson Gem Saga Hands-On Preview
Korean "Astonishia Story 2" is coming to North America via Atlus. And Neal's already begun to enjoy the English version.
05/17/09 Cross Edge Gallery Debut
Finally, Morrigan and prinnies in the same game. Does it get any better?
05/17/09 Blood of Bahamut Gallery Debut
A wealth of images from Square Enix's upcoming DS title.
05/16/09 XSEED Bringing Ragnarok Online DS Stateside
Start grinding your characters soon.
05/15/09 Aion: The Tower of Eternity Import Review
Presently available in China and Korea, NCsoft's newest MMORPG has plenty of potential when it hits English-speaking audiences this Fall.
05/15/09 Ultimate SaGa Soundtrack Collection Announced
500 tracks, 20 CDs, 200 bucks. We aren't kidding.
05/15/09 New MMORPG Coming to PS3
Q Entertainment is working on PS3 version of Angel Senki.
05/14/09 Even More Magnacarta 2 Artwork
Yes, it's only been three days.
05/14/09 SCEA Announces Dissidia: Final Fantasy PSP Bundle
It's shiny!
05/14/09 Sega Announces Resonance of Fate
That would be End of Eternity on the other side of the Pacific.
05/13/09 GAMEVIL Announces Price of Upcoming Zenonia
Of course, I can't tell you here, so you have to come inside.
05/13/09 Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes Announced
Developed by the makers of the hit mobile puzzle game Critter Crunch.
05/13/09 Dark Souls Review
Mainstream RPGs darkening your soul? Try this one for a change!
05/13/09 PSP Port of Blazing Souls Announced
IF's strategy RPG goes portable.
05/13/09 FF Tactics Available for Download on PS3, PSP
Download classic SRPG for 10 bucks. In Japan.
05/13/09 Lunar Remake Announced for PSP
GungHo brings back classic franchise after decade-long hiatus.
05/11/09 SaGa 2 DS Remake Announced
To commemorate the series' 20th anniversary.
05/11/09 Magnacarta 2 Gallery Update
A new batch of screens for the game titled "Magna Carta II" in Japan.
05/10/09 A Return of Previews?
Yes and no. Sorta. Outlook unclear?
05/10/09 Follow RPGFan on Twitter!
You know you want to.
05/09/09 Zenonia Hands-On Preview
We take a look at the upcoming classic-styled action RPG for the iPhone and iPod touch.
05/08/09 NIS America Announces Mana Khemia 2, Sakura Wars, More For 2009
Yes, we will be getting PS2 RPGs in the US for the indefinite future.
05/07/09 Pokémon Gold and Silver Remakes in the Works
Of course they are.
05/07/09 Gust, NIS and IF Team Up for PS3 RPG
Trinity Universe confirmed for August release.
05/06/09 Devil Summoner 2 Review
The King of Abaddon is goin' down!
05/04/09 Pokémon Platinum Version Review, Plus Second Opinion
If anything is sure in the world, it's the promise of a neverending supply of Pokémon games.
05/03/09 New Trailer for iPhone Action RPG Zenonia
Classic action RPG coming soon to the iPhone.
05/03/09 Myst Released for iPhone & iPod touch
Cyan Worlds brings the Mac & PC classic to Apple's devices.
05/02/09 Chudah's Corner: In Memoriam
A soundtracks special update.


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