June 2010
06/30/10 Fallout: New Vegas Gallery Update
Hope you like guns!
06/30/10 Final Fantasy Versus XIII Progress Report
The game's scenario and character designs are now complete.
06/30/10 XSEED To Distribute Falcom Games Digitally In Europe
Adol and friends are one step closer to total world domination.
06/30/10 Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Gallery Debut
"You see... I had just died seconds ago."
06/30/10 RPGFan Podcast: Random Encounter Episode 3
Check out our special E3 edition of the podcast!
06/30/10 Final Fantasy XIV PC Release Date Announced
As well as a collector's edition.
06/30/10 Pokémon Black and White Japanese Release Date Announced
And it's right around the corner...
06/30/10 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Preview and Gallery
A hands-on look from E3 at the new Zelda game, rejoice!
06/29/10 White Knight Chronicles 2 Requires Unique Code to Play Online
Can we call it "Project Ľ1000?"
06/29/10 Crossover Party! Trinity Universe Reviewed
Can we finally see a decent crossover title?
06/29/10 Trinity Universe: Available Now
All your obscure favorites in one place!
06/28/10 The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition iPhone Review
Is it as good of a handheld title as it is an XBLA title?
06/27/10 Planescape: Torment Retro Review
How the game stacks up more than 10 years later.
06/27/10 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Hands-on Preview
How is this sequel shaping up? John McCarroll found out at E3.
06/27/10 Arc Rise Fantasia Gallery Update
New English screens, plus character artwork.
06/27/10 Valkyria Chronicles II English Screen Shots
Plus packaging!
06/27/10 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gallery Debut
Two dozen sublime pieces of media inside.
06/27/10 Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Gallery Update
New media for the English version of this DS title.
06/26/10 First Look Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City Preview
Oh no the city is drowning!
06/25/10 Breath of Death VII: The Beginning Screenshot Gallery Debut
Nu-Retro goodness for your consideration, perhaps?
06/25/10 The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition Gallery Update
It's not much of a secret any more, is it?
06/25/10 Persona 3 Portable Hands-on Preview
You can play as a guuuuuuuuurl.
06/25/10 Legend of Mana To See Digital Re-Release On PSN
Create, explore, and cleanse the land of evil... digitally!
06/25/10 Ni No Kuni: The Another World Making The Jump To PS3
Studio Ghibli animation in glorious HD? Sign me up.
06/23/10 E3: Trinity Universe Hands-on Preview
Just a short week from when it will be out.
06/22/10 E3: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Preview & Gallery
Hey look, a playable demo that's actually playable!
06/22/10 E3: Rift: Planes of Telara Preview & Gallery
Hands-on report and new gallery for this upcoming MMORPG.
06/22/10 Xenoblade Screenshot Gallery Update
And what lovely shots they are!
06/22/10 Puzzle Quest 2 Releases Today
And like that, our free time has disappeared!
06/21/10 E3: Arcania: Gothic 4 Impressions
A quick look at DreamCatcher's new open world adventure.
06/21/10 E3: Atelier Rorona Gallery
Artwork for Gust & NIS' next release. UPDATED: Now with screen shots!
06/20/10 E3: Kingdom Hearts Media Trio
New media for the upcoming PSP, DS and 3DS titles.
06/20/10 E3: Large Gallery Update for Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
Featuring campfires, severed heads, a weird octopus thing and more!
06/20/10 E3: Battle of the Immortals Impressions
A Free-to-Play MMO from Perfect World.
06/20/10 E3: Tera Hands-On Preview & Gallery
A first look at one of E3's more promising MMOs.
06/18/10 E3: Dungeon Siege 3 Preview
Time to hack and slash to your heart's content.
06/17/10 And Now For Something Completely Different... Graphic Adventure Soundtracks!
I'm doing what I can to break up the E3 madness.
06/17/10 E3: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Impressions
It's your new DS Final Fantasy Fix!
06/17/10 E3: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Impressions
Holy crap, it's Stitch!
06/17/10 E3: Dragon Quest IX Hands-On Preview
And gallery update!
06/17/10 E3: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future Impressions
Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap taptaptaptap!
06/17/10 E3: Trinity Universe Gallery Debut
Come see the pretty.
06/17/10 E3: Legend of Heroes First Look
XSEED's other big Falcom series.
06/17/10 E3: Ys Impressions from XSEED
That's Ys SEVEN, Oath in Felghana, and I and II Chronicles.
06/16/10 E3: Jumpgate Evolution Impressions
A lot has happened since we saw this game last year.
06/16/10 E3: Arc Rise Fantasia Impressions
Ignition's JRPG from Marvelous Entertainment.
06/16/10 RPGFan Podcast: Random Encounter Episode 2
This week's topic is RPG pet peeves!
06/16/10 E3: Final Fantasy XIV Hands-on Impressions
Sam Hansen takes this MMO for a test drive.
06/16/10 E3: NIS America, D00D!
Oh, I bet you didn't think they had a booth... well, they don't, but we talked to them anyway.
06/16/10 E3: Ghost Trick Hands-On Impressions
A graphic adventure where you can change people's fates; count me in!
06/16/10 E3: Lego + MMO = Fun
We take a look at Lego Universe.
06/16/10 E3: Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals Gallery Update
Now in English!
06/16/10 E3: Nintendo Bringing Zelda: Ocarina of Time to the 3DS
With screen shots!
06/16/10 E3: Square Enix Announces Two iPhone RPGs
Bet you didn't see Secret of Mana coming!
06/16/10 Final Fantasy IX out on PSN... TODAY!
No motion control. No 3D glasses. Just quality JRPG.
06/16/10 E3: Knights in the Nightmare PSP Hands-On
A quick look at the improved PSP version of the Sting/Atlus title.
06/16/10 E3: Rune Factory 3 Preview & Gallery
Come for the preview, stay for the pics!
06/16/10 E3: Fallout: New Vegas Preview
A hands-on look at the next Fallout title.
06/15/10 E3: Clash of Heroes: Might and Magic HD Impressions
This is way better than Puzzle Quest.
06/15/10 E3: Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals Impressions
It's like Lufia II... only completely different.
06/15/10 E3: Valkyria Chronicles II Impressions
Strategy, but shrunken!
06/15/10 E3: More Phantasy Star On The Go
Phantasy Star Portable 2 hits the PSP.
06/15/10 E3: Etrian Odyssey III Impressions
Time to fill out your maps... on the seven seas!
06/15/10 Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar Impressions
You can visit your friend's farms!
06/15/10 E3: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Announced
Complete with another epic Miyamoto entrance.
06/15/10 E3: 3DS Lineup Chock Full of RPGs
You've got your SMT, that's the important thing.
06/15/10 Nippon Ichi Wants You To Stop And Smell Blue Roses
Which, incidentally, carry the scent of a new strategy RPG for the PSP.
06/13/10 Confessions of a Hypocritical MMO Player, In Three Acts
Our June editorial finds us taking into consideration the people who can't put down their decade-old avatars.
06/13/10 Disgaea Infinite Review
You can never get enough Disgaea.
06/13/10 Infinite Space Domestic Review
A new challenger approaches!
06/12/10 Rainblood I: Town of Death Indie Review
Neal takes a look at this Chinese-developed title
06/12/10 Cthulhu Saves The World This Summer On Xbox 360
The follow-up to Breath of Death VII appears!
06/12/10 Pokémon Black & White: Seven New Pokémon Detailed
Scans & details on Wi-Fi connectivity, the Isshu Region, and the first female Pokémon Professor revealed.
06/11/10 Optional Permadeath In Upcoming Fire Emblem
If only death was optional in real life.
06/11/10 PC Version of Fallout: New Vegas Will Use Steamworks
Also, a variety of pre-order bonuses!
06/11/10 Mass Effect 2 Overlord DLC, Demo To Arrive June 15
The demo is what we call "fashionably late."
06/10/10 Whisper of a Rose Review
An indie review by Brittany.
06/10/10 Dungeon Siege 3 Announced
And is brought to you by both Square Enix and Obsidian Entertainment.
06/10/10 Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collections CD Announced
Really, you saw it coming.
06/10/10 Atelier Rorona North American Release Date Leaked
See, it doesn't just happen to Japanese releases.
06/10/10 Class of Heroes 3 To Go Multiplatform
PS3 and PSP owners, rejoice.
06/10/10 Dew Prism PSN Archives Release Date Set
That's Threads of Fate to most of you.
06/10/10 Record of Agarest War 2 Soul-Breeding Its Way To PS3
Generations of suggestive strategy RPG fun await.
06/10/10 Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday To Celebrate A North American Release
Can we intentionally lose Mitochondrial Eve's invitation?
06/10/10 Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Programmed Into Square Enix's E3 Lineup
Another previously Japan-only chapter of the saga comes to North America.
06/09/10 Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Review
The journey of finishing a review begins with a single step...
06/09/10 Alpha Protocol Review
Follow Kyle as he becomes a spy!
06/07/10 Zenonia 2 Review and Gallery Update
Because we really like iPhone games right now.
06/07/10 Rockman Online Officially Announced
Start charging up your mega busters.
06/05/10 RPGFan Debuts Random Encounter Podcast
Didn't think we'd ever get one of those did you?
06/05/10 Lord of the Rings Online Goes Free-to-Play This Fall
We're free at last!
06/05/10 Soundtracks Update: Chillin' With Square Enix
Featuring Chill SQ, Distant Worlds 2, plus more FFXI and FFXIII.
06/04/10 Chaos Rings Review
Your new iPhone fix.
06/03/10 Ys SEVEN To Receive Deluxe Collector's Edition
It comes with a cloth map! A CLOTH MAP!
06/02/10 Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley
Is this game a zero or a hero?
06/02/10 The Last Story To Be Told Later Than Expected
But new story and gameplay details soften the blow.
06/02/10 Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem to Feature Custom Protagonist
Players will experience this tale through the eyes of an Altean Army recruit.
06/02/10 Release Date Revealed Early For Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X
Online retailer Gamestar beats Namco Bandai to the punch.
06/01/10 Square Enix / Uematsu Performances And Recordings In Germany Underway
Via Thomas Boecker, Benyamin Nuss, and Universal Music.


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