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RPGFan has been attending E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) since 2001. Each year we've produced a variety of content, from 'Best of Show' awards, galleries, impressions and more.
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E3 2017: Complete Coverage
07/02/17 – Complete Coverage on 59 upcoming games, including 30 full previews, image and video galleries, our show awards, and our first-ever behind-the-scenes podcast in which we discuss our award prospects.
E3 2016: Complete Coverage
06/25/16 – Another record-breaking year for us! Best of E3 Awards, an E3 Podcast, Show Photo Gallery, and our Complete Coverage, uniting everything we posted.
E3 2015: Complete Coverage
07/14/15 – Featuring our Best of E3 Awards, an E3 Podcast, Show Photo Gallery, and the biggest, most comprehensive Complete Coverage in RPGFan history.
E3 2014: Complete Coverage
07/07/14 – Thirty-four previews, tons of galleries, awards both site-wide and individual, and more!
E3 2014: Wishlist
06/06/14 – A hand-picked selection of 15 titles that have us, well, giddy with anticipation.
E3 2013: Complete Coverage
06/24/13 – Over 40 previews, nearly 40 gallery and media updates, and even more in our E3 2013 Complete Coverage hub.
E3 2013: Awards
06/24/13 – An awards feature so jam-packed with quality titles, we actually had runner-up picks again!
E3 2013 Wrap-Up: Random Encounter Episode 65
06/24/13 – Our post-show wrap-up podcast where we discuss the most exciting aspects of E3.
E3 2013: Gallery
06/24/13 – Over seventy photos of the sights and sounds... well, okay, just the sights, of E3 2013.
E3 2013: Wishlist
06/07/13 – Each editor picks three games to get excited about at E3 2013.
E3 2012: Complete Coverage
07/01/12 – Our annual wrap-up with links to every last preview, impressions piece, noteworthy news and media update from E3.
E3 2012: Awards
07/01/12 – We came, we saw, we passed judgement on games after spending mere minutes with them.
Random Encounter Podcast Episode 46: E3 2012 Edition
07/01/12 – The year's biggest event in gaming calls for an XL-sized podcast. Clocking in at over 2 hours, get comfortable and listen to the crew discuss E3 2012.
E3 2012: Gallery
07/01/12 – Dramatic lighting, Cactaur and Chocobo drinking glasses, Sonic, Power Rangers, edible zombie hands, and even a Post-It Note mural await in our E3 2012 Gallery.
Most Anticipated Games of E3 2012
06/04/12 – The year's biggest gaming event is upon us. Here's the stuff we're most excited about.
E3 2011 Awards, Gallery, Podcast and Wrap-up
06/19/11 – A wrap-up for one of our best E3s ever.
E3 2010 Awards & Gallery
07/02/10 – Our Awards for E3 2010. Protip: Something good wins.
E3 2009 Awards
06/24/09 – Individual top fives, some overall winners, and a pretty extensive photo gallery. Check it out!
E3 2008 Awards
07/21/08 – Six titles get the thumbs-up from RPGFan.
Square Enix At E3 2007: Interviews and Impressions
07/18/07 – A look at the top dog in the RPG industry's handheld offerings.
E3 2007 Awards
07/17/07 – Four more titles get the nod from RPGFan.
E3 2006 Awards
05/22/06 – A return to the awards!
E3 2006: Impressions
05/22/06 – The first impressions in two years.
E3 2006: Gallery
05/22/06 – ZOMG E3 PIKTURES!
E3 2005: Awards
05/23/05 – Our first true awards of an E3.
E3 2005: Gallery
05/23/05 – The long-lost E3 2005 gallery, finally resurfaced in 2011. Wait, who's even reading this?
E3 2004: Impressions
06/15/04 – Impressions of the best and worst E3 2004 had to offer, in a new format.
E3 2003: Gallery
06/02/03 – Another E3 means another massive gallery with all the sights of E3 worth seeing.
E3 2003: Impressions
06/02/03 – Impressions from nine RPGFan editors on the highs and lows of 2003's big show.
E3 2002: Gallery
06/11/02 – Over 200 pictures showing off the people, places and things of E3 2002.
E3 2002: Impressions
06/11/02 – Impressions of gaming's biggest event, as told by eleven RPGFan editors.
E3 2002: Enix Interview
06/03/02 – This interview was conducted by RPGFan with Justin Lucas, product manager for Enix America.
E3 2001: Enix Interview
06/14/01 – As you may have gathered, this is an interview RPGFan conducted with Enix at E3 2001.
E3 2001: Gallery
06/06/01 – A gallery over 40 pictures strong of the sights, games, and people of E3 2001.
E3 2001: Impressions
06/03/01 – Eight of RPGFan's editors deliver their thoughts on the sights and sounds of the show.
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