Alundra 2 OST

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Catalog Number: SVWC-7050
Released On: December 18, 1999
Composed By: Kouhei Tanaka
Arranged By: Masami Kishimura
Published By: SPE Visual Works
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Carry on Everyday (Game Version)
02 - Soldier Boy Frit
03 - Demon Doll
04 - 3 Members of the Zukkoke Pirates
05 - Imminent Crisis
06 - Shock! A Demon Evolves Before Us
07 - Quiet Town
08 - Aisha
09 - Journey to Vanilla Kingdom
10 - Momomoke Forest
11 - Demon Doll's Airship Crashes
12 - Battle With Demon Doll
13 - Ox Tank Attacks
14 - Villagers' Tragedy
15 - Sword Kin Jiken
16 - Bullfighting in Gyuu York
17 - Web Rock
18 - Martini's Trap
19 - Go on the Mine Cart!
20 - Pirates of Puerto Medusa
21 - Who Changed Me Into a Jellyfish Like This?
22 - Magic Knight Belgar
23 - I Want to Protect Papa
24 - Count Destoll Nijadoll
25 - Vanilla Capital
26 - Sunken Ship
27 - Ancient Ruins
28 - Ruins of Guardian God
29 - Island of Paradise
30 - Giant Demon Neji Star-Twister
31 - Dragon Volcano
32 - Devil Island
33 - To the Arion Sky
34 - Fly Over Vanilla Kingdom
35 - Confrontation With Demon Destoll
36 - Ultimate Form of the Mephisto Machine
37 - Hope For the Future
38 - I'm Home
Total Time:

Alundra 2: one of the most unrelated sequels to an original game in the history of RPGs. When Alundra was actually about a character named "Alundra", Alundra 2 is about a kid named Fritz...and the game feels much more silly and less serious than the original. Everything about the sequel changes from the original.

Well, except for the game's composer. Kouhei Tanaka, who is most often recognized for composing the music for the Sakura Taisen series. Tanaka's compositions are always solid, but some suffer from lackluster more than others. This is one of those soundtracks.

Though it may not be fair to do so, one cannot help but compare Alundra 2's OST to the original. The Alundra OST was out-and-out one of the best soundtracks for an obscure RPG in a decade of soundtracks. When Alundra 2 was first announced, many people looked forward to a sequel that would out-do its predecessor in every way, including music. What they got, in comparison to what they wanted, was a complete failure.

However, if the game, and specifically the game's music, is left to stand on its own, it stands tall, and one must recognize and respect Tanaka's ability to compose in these pieces as well.

Throughout this soundtrack, Tanaka makes great use of piano, strings, and sustained synthesizers in ways that many composers before him failed to do in the PSX era. The pieces that I find least enjoyable are those that attempt to be something they cannot be: epic. There are a few pieces that try to invoke a powerful, all-important musical statement; but this cannot be acceptable for a game like Alundra 2, and somehow these compositions become the worst, and the ones that are most often skipped when in the CD player.

There are three vocal pieces for this OST: the opening (which is pretty good), the ending (which is wonderfully serene), and a short song in the middle of the OST entitled "Who Changed Me Into a Jellyfish Like This?" (just the title of this piece makes me laugh). If you take a listen on the sample, you will see that the song is not only well-composed, but is also in a sort of dark, ethereal style with all of the proper instrumentation to back up the mysterious Japanese female vocalist. The Japanese-ignorant listener can only wonder at what silly lyrics are being sung in this fun little tune.

The beauty, the artistic flair, the depth and wonder that one could find in Alundra seems to be missing in the Alundra 2 OST. What's left is something fun and light, with a few notable pieces here and there. Overall, a solid OST, but certainly not a must-have.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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