Synthesizer Suite Dragon Quest Monsters ~Terry's Wonderland~
Catalog Number: SRCL-4391 (reprint KICA-1474)
Released On: October 31, 1998 (reprint October 7, 2009)
Composed By: Koichi Sugiyama
Arranged By: Koichi Sugiyama
Published By: Sony Records (reprint King Records)
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD
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Synthesizer Suite
01 - Overture
02 - Terry's World
03 - Win the Game
04 - Never Ending Journey
05 - It's Curious World!
06 - Battle of the Monsters
07 - Let's Join
08 - Unknown World (DQ-I)
09 - Endless World (DQ-II)
10 - Adventure (DQ-III)
11 - Homeland (DQ-IV)
12 - Toward the Horizon (DQ-V)
13 - Through the Field (DQ-VI)
14 - Fight against Mireille
15 - Beautiful Starlit Night
Original GameBoy Version
16 - Overture
17 - Select Mode
18 - Terry's World
19 - Win the Game
20 - Never Ending Journey
21 - It's Curious World!
22 - Battle of the Monsters
23 - Let's Join
24 - Unknown World
25 - Endless World
26 - Adventure
27 - Homeland
28 - Toward the Horizon
29 - Through the Field
30 - Fight against Mireille
31 - Beautiful Starlit Night
32 - ME Collection
Total Time:

The "Dragon Quest Monsters" titles, being side-story games, didn't get a real orchestra. Instead, they get the next best thing: a synthesized orchestra!

Tracks 1 through 15 are the arranged tracks, and 16 through 32 are the OST tracks (the additional tracks here are 17 and 32, having not been arranged on the first section). About 60% of the compositions are original, and the other 40% (six tracks per section) are the "field" themes from the first six Dragon Quest installments.

Now, this may come as a surprise to some, but I really enjoyed the OSt tracks. Coming from a GameBoy Color title (which has the same sound capabilities as the original GameBoy), only 3 synth tracks are available at any given time, which forces a composer to limit what they're putting into the game. These limitations made some of these songs surprisingly beautiful, especially the six "field" themes from previous DQ titles.

The final battle and end credits music also struck me as being well-written pieces. In fact, the final battle music here is, in my opinion, superior to many other battle themes Sugiyama has written over the years.

This soundtrack comes highly recommended, if you can find it. There are a lot of obscure Dragon Quest albums out there, but this OST/synth arrange for a special little GBC game makes me extremely happy every time I listen to it.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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