Synthesizer Suite Dragon Quest Monsters 2 ~Marta's Mysterious Dungeon~

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Catalog Number: SVWC-7075 (reprint KICA-1475)
Released On: April 11, 2001 (reprint October 7, 2009)
Composed By: Koichi Sugiyama
Arranged By: Koichi Sugiyama
Published By: SME Visual Works (reprint King Records)
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD
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Synthesizer Suite
01 - Overture
02 - Select Mode
03 - Appearance of the Town
04 - Warupo and Prince Kameha
05 - Posessing Courage
06 - Battle with the Monster
07 - Peaceful Town
08 - Heading Off into an Unknown World
09 - Seeking the Treasure
10 - Riding on a Scallop
11 - Heading into the Darkness
12 - Challenge to a Formidable Enemy
13 - Enjoyable Encounter
14 - Terry's World
15 - World of Heaven
16 - Frozen World
17 - To a Beautiflul Tomorrow
Original Game Music
18 - Overture
19 - Select Mode
20 - Appearance of the Town
21 - Warupo and Prince Kameha
22 - Posessing Courage
23 - Battle with the Monster
24 - Peaceful Town
25 - Heading Off into an Unknown World
26 - Seeking the Treasure
27 - Riding on a Scallop
28 - Heading into the Darkness
29 - Challenge to a Formidable Enemy
30 - Enjoyable Encounter
31 - Terry's World
32 - World of Heaven
33 - Frozen World (Field~Dungeon)
34 - To a Beautiflul Tomorrow
35 - ME Collection
Total Time:

The two-part GameBoy Color sequel to the spin-off DQ title "Dragon Quest Monsters" had a soundtrack release that was, in nearly every regard, similar to the original. The layout is basically the same: 1 to 17 is synth arrange, 18 to 35 is OST (only non-arranged track is the final track, the Music Effects Collection). On this soundtrack, however, less melodies are borrowed from previous Dragon Quest titles.

I wasn't impressed with the "synth suite" this time around. It didn't sound as life-like as the previous, and the arrangements seemed drab. Indeed, I was content to skip right ahead to the minimalist sounds of the GameBoy synth. These tracks, in my opinion, are simply phenomenal. I love GameBoy synth. I'm a fiend for it. And Sugiyama's music, particularly the battle themes, sound great here. It takes me back to a time long past. Do you miss it? I miss it.

This soundtrack is still fairly easy to obtain; if you like GameBoy synth as much as I do, and you like Sugiyama's compositions, it's a win-win combination. just don't expect to be won over by the "synthesizer suite." A real orchestra would have been preferential for this particular album.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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