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May 2011

Glasgow, Scotland (UK)

Favorite Games/Series:
Shin Megami Tensei, Atelier, Fire Emblem, Suikoden and Shadow Hearts

Favorite Genres:
Turn-based RPGs, Strategy RPGs and Graphic Adventure

Other Interests:
Yu-gi-oh Card Game, porridge, stuffed toys and other activities that probably aren't age appropriate.
Growing up I didn't exactly have the widest array of video games to choose from, the closest game store was three towns over and my non-existent pocket money never gave me much opportunity to indulge myself. Luckily for me, though, I had a friend who would let me come over to his house and play Final Fantasy VII on his Playstation. That was the moment my love for RPGs sprouted. As the years progressed I have had to watch the Final Fantasy name go through rough times, between needless remakes, ports and a general lack of focus on some of the newer main titles. That being said however the impact Final Fantasy VII had on my life was huge and I cannot deny it, just as some people had an inspirational book, I had an inspirational game.

As far as my life on RPGFan goes, I was an avid reader long before I ever joined the community. In March 2010 I took the plunge and joined in on the forums and I never looked back. I have made strong bonds here and my life has been enriched by it in various ways. If nothing else, RPGFan helped me develop the razor sharp wit needed to survive in this community.

Finally, my life beyond the magical (and sometimes baffling) world of RPGs. Currently I attend college, slowly working my way up to studying law at University. I also do volunteer work on a regular basis. My longest running involvement in volunteer work has been teaching a class consisting of both young and old basic IT skills to help them get back into employed work. Facebook has become the bane of my life during this, as many people find it much more interesting than leaning about spreadsheets. I do not watch a lot of TV but thanks to my boyfriend I have had the joy of being introduced to many excellent pieces of television that got cancelled before they met their conclusion (Firefly, Carnivale and Dollhouse to name a few). I gave up long ago telling people my taste in music as it was almost universally loathed, but I shall share here in the off chance one of you readers also enjoy Rasputina, Joanna Newsom or Amanda Palmer.

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